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In March of 2020, all musical events came to a screeching halt.  Worshipping on Sunday mornings at Main Street Church in Amesbury quickly became a solemn difficult task when it came to its music ministry.  What was a flourishing choir filled with glorious choral music was put on a permanent "pause".

In stepped Sarah Moughan Smith to assist me.  Graciously, joyfully, and willingly eager to help and do whatever was needed.  For nearly two years, Sarah and I pulled out as many stops as we could to keep the music ministry alive and well, thriving into our newfound duo that had only been an occasional effort prior to COVID.

Today, we have a repertoire that has been birthed out of a difficult dark time in all of our lives.  This repertoire, doused with a smattering of Advent and Holiday music is what you will experience when you come to our concert(S) on December 2 and 3.  We hope that you'll come "Out of the Darkness" with us, even if just for an evening.  Who knows.  It just might stick!

Danny Smith

We are thrilled to have FortEtude joining us as guests in our concert!  You will get a taste of the very next "Voices" concert when you hear their work.  More info on that TBA.

Due to COVID, there are no scheduled full chorus performances at this time. At this time, a concert is scheduled for the spring of 2023.  Please check back. 







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